Too Young

It’s Missions Conference week here at Moody, and this piece was born out of the four pages I scribbled in my journal after attending a seminar on sexually exploited children. We were shown a video of children in a brothel in Thailand that was shot undercover. The English language does not contain words to explain the mixture of sorrow, anger, and disgust I felt after watching that video – I literally could not speak without crying for the next hour. It’s time for the church to open her eyes. It’s time for His justice to flow like rolling waters.

Sweet little faces, seven and nine
Their eyes blurred out for privacy.
What a sick joke.
Protecting their identities, their “privacy”
From the eyes of American documentary viewers
Sitting comfortably in a classroom or on a couch
As these girls are “visited” by tourists night after night,
who treat their bodies like some sort of gift shop
Their very innocence
Their right to a childhood
The light in their eyes
Sometimes 15, 20 times in a night.
Privacy? Please.
At seven and nine, they should be having a tea party
Playing with dolls
Not being treated like dolls
Worse, even, because at least little girls care about their dolls.
They should be in school
Not learning English terms that most self-respecting adults wouldn’t use in public.
With their eyes blurred out to protect their “privacy.”
We watch them explain their services to the men.
Describing in the most basic English the things they can do to them.
Words like “yum-yum” and “boom-boom.”
Coming from the mouths of these sweet seven and nine year old girls.
Sometimes, an older boy steps in to facilitate.
At maybe eleven years old, he seems to be the manager of this operation.
“No,” he says, “she no do boom-boom. She yum-yum only. She too young.”

Too young.

You don’t say.
She’s too young for all of this.
Too young to live in this place
Too young to know what those words mean.
Too young to have her body, her innocence, her childhood, the life in her eyes
Stolen from her by men 3, 4, or 5 times her senior
Too young to be beaten if she doesn’t “perform.”
Too young to be raped over and over
Night after night
Day after day.
Definitely far, far too young to be so used
So devoid of hope
Too young, you say?

Damn right she’s too young.

There’s no possible way to pretend she’s more than just a child.
And where, exactly, are You in all of this?
Where is the justice?
It’s supposed to be rolling like waters.
Where is the freedom for the oppressed?
You’re supposed to be a Father to the fatherless,
But I’m not seeing it.
A hundred thousand girls go through this each night
In the United States alone.
Why aren’t You moving?
Why won’t You bring them home?
It’s not like I have answers
I can’t even articulate the problem without crying
But why do You let them keep living this life worse than dying?
Where is the rescue?
Where is their hope?
I know You’re the answer
So why won’t You show?


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