Sometimes while I’m meandering down this road called life,

I think I know precisely where it’s leading.

I have everything all worked out in my mind

And it’s pretty perfect, if I do say so myself.

So I decide to just go ahead and run through that door

After all, I’m so sure.

I know how it will end, I’ve planned this out in my mind a million times.

I take a deep breath, pray for clarity

And sprint headlong toward the door

Full speed ahead

No holds barred

Pulling out all the stops

*and all other applicable cliches*

Only to find

The door is firmly closed.

I run into it, so sure of myself, only to be stunned by the impact

And I fall backwards onto the ground

And it hurts

A lot.

And I’m a little confused

“But God, I was so sure.”

“But God, I had it all planned out.”

Then I remember that prayer for clarity

And He picks me up and brushes me off

Wraps me in His arms

Tends to the bruises

Wipes away my tears

And I realize

This is not the way I’m supposed to go

It doesn’t get much clearer than a head on sprint directly into a closed door.

This is the clarity I prayed for

It’s not my idea of perfect, but it’s His.

And there is a peace that comes from knowing there will be door

after door

after door

as life goes on

A peace that comes from realizing that the path in front of me stretches on for the rest of my life

That one closed door isn’t the end,

because the path keeps stretching further than I can see.

And in that peace, there is comfort

And in that comfort, there is peace

And in the distance, there is another door.

And another.

And another.


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