Regarding this Past Week

  • I’ve spent the last week with Doug, Marilyn, and Rob.
  • None of them speak Spanish.
  • I “speak Spanish.”
  • None of them are Peruvian.
  • I’m “Peruvian.”
  • For the first time ever, I was the guide. I hailed motocars, gave directions, bartered with shop owners, ordered at restaurants, and carried the keys to the house.
  • One day I somehow found myself baking chocolate chip cookies for a meeting of Peruvian church leaders.
  • Going to the orphanage is one of the hardest things I’ve done on this trip.
  • I love speaking Spanish.
  • Translating is absolutely and entirely tiring. It’s the same kind of “brain tired” that I got after a debate tournament.
  • This morning, Zaida gave me a Peru pin. She said, “you need one of these, because you’re Peruvian now.”
  • Later, as I tearfully watched Doug, Marilyn, and Rob’s airplane take off, she said, “now you know what it truly feels like to be one of us – you have to watch them leave.”
  • Also this morning, Zaida told me, “now you can have a new ministry: as a translator.”
  • Approximately 45 minutes later, she tried to convince me to come on a 5-day river trip. As a translator. Until the NIGHT before I go back to the states.
  • Her bargaining chip was the fact that a pastor’s son, who is around my age, is coming from the States to do evangelism in the village and needs a translator. This was followed by a long discussion about how she thinks that I should marry someone who wants to be a missionary. Like this boy.
  • Needless to say, I’m not going on the village trip. I don’t really “camp”. Or translate, for that matter…..
  • There are 17 high schoolers from Lima in our house right now. Papa and Pedro took pity on me and are taking me out for Chinese food.
  • God bless Papa and Pedro.

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