Who Could Have Dreamed?

Written July 7.

Yesterday, Marilyn gave a talk to the women of CEMY about trusting God wholly to take you places you could have never dreamed. Today, as I sat in the peque-peque and trailed my fingers through the water of Lake Yarinacocha, I reflected on the significance of one of her main quotes in my own life: “Who could have dreamed?”

When I take time to sit and examine this last year, I realize that God has far surpassed my wildest dreams. I mean, I got accepted to Moody Bible Institute. I made the best friends I’ve ever known, got my first C, and learned to ride public transit. God gave me a job just as I was running out of money. Halfway through second semester, I let go of the “plan” I’ve had for myself since I was 8 years old. Who could have dreamed?

And then there’s this trip to Peru. Who could have dreamed that I would be able to return to this place I love so much?  Who could have dreamed that, after five years, I would see Americo Saavedra again… and he describe the opportunity for an internship in Quito, Ecuador, that exactly fit my needs for Moody? Who could have dreamed that I would learn enough Spanish to act as the translator and guide for Doug, Marilyn, and Rob? Who could have dreamed that, as a result of communication, I would make friends – real friends, friends who could tell me their stories and listen to mine?

Who could have dreamed that I would hail a motocar, rattle off an address in Spanish, and talk the guy down a couple soles from his original price? Who could have dreamed that I would treat my host siblings to ice cream, buy food to make lunch at the house, or answer the phone in Spanish when I’m home alone? Who could have dreamed that I would have lines in a drama, dance to children’s songs, or sing my heart out while standing barefoot in a jungle village?

As the sounds of a guitar brought my thoughts back to the present, to the peque-peque that was filling with praise songs, God whispered across the water.

“I could have dreamed,” He said, “I could have, and I did. And just you wait until you see what I dream of next.”

One thought on “Who Could Have Dreamed?

  1. […] a little like the surprise party we threw my mom recently. I know He’s up to SOMETHING, but I could never dream it would be this. Looking back, I realize there were moments when I wondered what was going on. […]

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