Me traveling by myself is always an intriguing thing, and normally leads to lots and lots of posts on twitter (@ahobson92) about what an awkward human being I am when traveling by myself. I had no internet access during the trip, so I couldn’t post… so I’m stealing Blythe’s idea and posting them here.

  • You know you’ve been in an airport all day when you think, “hey, $3 for a Cup-a-Noodles isn’t bad at all.” And then buy them. #airplanemeal
  • What kind of idiot tears up while filling out a customs form? #apparentlyme #tearsofjoy #imreallygoing
  • The kids behind me were screaming, so I gave them fruit snacks. Now they’re talking to me quietly and their parents love me. So does everyone else on the plane.
  • Had an entire conversation with the lady in front of me in the customs line. aka, she spoke rapidly for 4 minutes while I nodded and smiled.
  • Rosa: rapidspanishrapidspanish tu rapidspanish Universidad? Me: si, que bueno. And repeat. #nocomprendo #sleepdeprived
  • Just pushed the end table in front of my door in case someone tries to break in. Although, once I wake up I have no form of self-defense, so… #sketchylimahostel
  • Room is too quiet so I turned on the TV. People were holding goats and arguing about them. Next channel, a man in lederhosen was doing sign language in the corner. #whaaat #peruTV
  • After sleeping 2.5 hours, I can hardly speak English, much less Spanish. Thank goodness for the nice gringo man who told me where to pay for my overweight bag.
  • The security people saw me chugging my hot coffee frantically before getting in line and they let me carry it through security. #GodBlessPeru
  • Got teary again at take-off realizing that I was actually on my way to Pucallpa. #tearsofjoy #thisisreal
  • If I could remember the Spanish, I would apologize profusely to the man next to me, since I just sat ON HIS LAP while trying to get out to go to the bathroom. But I don’t remember, so I can’t.
  • I mean… he really should have looked at the amount of space between his legs and the seat in front of him, then at me, and then decided to stand up. So it’s not COMPLETELY my fault. Right? RIGHT?!
  • I THINK that was a chicken sandwich they just gave me, but I’m not entirely sure. #starperu
  • Well. What do you know, my eyes are welling up again as we begin descent. Apparently I didn’t actually believe I was going to Pucallpa until today.
  • It’s only 75 degrees here. #praiseHim
  • Score. Motocar instead of taxi. #favoritetransportation #windinmyhair
  • I’m understanding about 90% and able to respond to about 50%. This is an acceptable beginning, especially because Zaida talks so fast.
  • My house and my room and my hammock and my people and oh look more tears good gravy this is getting ridiculous.
  • What’s that? Would I like to shower and then take a nap for a few hours? If you insist!
  • Woke up convinced someone had driven their motorcycle into the living room. False alarm, there’s just no glass in the windows.
  • #wouldyourather eat Peruvian pesticides or wash an apple in water that will almost assuredly give you diarrhea. #decisionsdecisions
  • Is it time for Ruth and Pedro to be home yet??? #hostsiblings



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