Support Letter

A real blog post is coming soon, I promise. But for now, this is my support letter for Peru this summer. Please, please, please, consider committing to lift me up in prayer.

Dear Friends and Family,

Let’s be honest.  I rarely, if ever, write you letters.  In fact, there are approximately two people to whom I regularly write letters, and if I started this letter by pretending this is just the latest in a long chain of correspondence we’ve kept up over these many years, that would feel as fake as when people run out of things to say and ask you questions like, “hot enough for you?”  Yes, that was a horrible run-on sentence, but in my sheer excitement, I’ve been speaking in nothing but run-on sentences since I bought my tickets to go back to Pucallpa, Peru this summer.

Now that the awkward “introduce the letter but don’t really say anything” paragraph is complete, here’s a little bit of my heart: Over the last four summers of short-term trips to Pucallpa, God has allowed me to fall in love.  I have fallen in love with the people of Central Evangelical Missionary Church of Yarinacocha (CEMY): the women who plan, cook, sing, and teach; the men who provide transportation and construction assistance; and the students who have become my close friends.  I have fallen in love with the chicken, plaintains, and rice, the smoky air, the fresh fruit, and the dusty streets of Pucallpa.  I’ve fallen in love with the smiles of dark-skinned and dark-eyed children, the sounds of motorcycles and honking taxis at all hours, and the rapid Spanish that fills the air.

I’ve spent the last year at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago studying TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).  After a year of falling in love with another city and learning more about myself, my God, and His Word than I ever knew was possible, God has opened the door for me to return to Pucallpa yet again.  This trip will be different in several ways, and I am beyond excited about the opportunities.

I will be going to Pucallpa from June 14 until July 20, traveling on my own.  I’ll be living with a family I have come to love as my own, immersing myself in the Spanish language and culture.  The main focus of this trip is teaching English, and I will be teaching two or three English classes for members of the local church and community.  I also plan to work with a couple of area youth groups, assisting in planning as well as leading some sessions with the young girls.

Like I said before, I’ve been speaking rapidly, in mostly run-on sentences since I booked my flight to Peru.  God, in His infinite grace and mercy, has granted me one of the deepest desires of my heart: to return to Pucallpa.  My soul is filled with more excitement than I know how to express.

This is where you come in… I want to invite you to share in my joy.  The biggest, most important, and most needed way you can do this is through prayer.  Please pray that I will shine God’s light and do everything to His glory, as I travel alone, as I officially teach English for the first time, and as I immerse myself in all things Pucallpa. Your prayers are truly the thing I covet most.  We serve a big God, and I believe He can do big things as a result of prayer.

Now for the part you knew was coming: The second way you can help is financially.  My trip will cost around $2000 when everything is said and done.  As I mentioned before, I’m a Bible college student – which means I don’t have $2000 laying around.  I am working a part-time job in hopes of covering some of the cost, but any financial help you feel led to give would be immensely appreciated. Should you feel led to support me financially, Sister Lakes Community Church will make sure that you are properly receipted for tax deduction purposes.

Should you wish to follow my musings and ramblings, which will include details on my upcoming trip (as well as updates on my life in general), feel free to check out my blog.  The address is

Thank you so much for sticking around for my whole letter.  Please feel free to email me call/text me if you have questions about my trip, want to receive updates while I’m gone, or just want to chat and catch up on life for a few minutes.  I’d love to hear from you!

In Christ,

Alyssa Hobson


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