Things I Love About Spring Break: A List in No Particular Order

  • Sunshine and temperatures above 70 degrees
  • Finally seeing Bo again
  • Snuggling with Ian and Avery (my small cousins)
  • Nightly frozen pizza
  • Sleeping in a queen size bed
  • Continuous spray tanning oil
  • Flip flops
  • Actually processing and learning from the book I have to read for class, and only reading a couple chapters a day, as opposed to reading all 240 pages AND writing my report in one night
  • Fresh fruit and real Mexican food
  • Naps by the pool
  • Spending my ca$h money (I’m so sorry I just used that phrase, but I’m too lazy to go back and change it. I’d rather type two whole additional sentences.) on fashion/celebrity magazines, sunglasses, the aforementioned tanning oil, and candy
  • Hearing Spanish everywhere we  go
  • Food Network
  • Reading for fun, a phrase which here means “Reading a book, finishing it, and then reading another… in the same afternoon.”
  • How much everyone from school loves each other and keeps in touch, even though we’re so glad to be home
  • Twitter. It helps me keep up with everyone.
  • Going shopping while the kiddos are sleeping
  • When someone tries to pick Avery up and she says “No, Ah-Ah!” and runs to me and snuggles down into my shoulder
  • Watching Ian love things… LegoLand, jumping in the pool, etc
  • Not having an ethernet cable attached to my laptop. Ahh, the freedom!
  • Horchata
  • Listening to sermons and journaling on my own time
  • Going to bed when I want to, taking naps, sleeping in
  • Home-cooked meals

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