The Things We’ll Remember

Five girls sit huddled close together on the floor as beds and chairs stand empty.  Appendages are tangled together – an arm slipped through another arm, legs piled on top of each other, a head on a shoulder, a hand stroking hair.  Prayers mingle with tears and laughter.  Half-finished homework is strewn across the room, abandoned for more important things.


These are the things we’ll remember ten, twenty, even fifty years from now.  We won’t remember which quiz we failed or which assignments we turned in late, but we’ll remember the reasons why.  We’ll remember the late nights spent speaking out the hard truths, the early mornings we dragged ourselves out of bed to go to breakfast.  We’ll forget the terms and references we crammed into our brains at 3 am the night before an exam, but we’ll remember the people we were cramming with, the late nights at coffee shops and the long walks back.  We’ll remember the things that can’t be taught in classrooms.

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One thought on “The Things We’ll Remember

  1. Thank you so much Alyssa for sharing! I LOVE reading your posts and I am encouraged by each one of them. You have a gift! When I read what you write it makes me feel a little closer to Molly as we are so far away from each other in distance~I know the Lord has Blessed you both with each other in this season of your lives. He just never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing your heart!

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