Blessed Beyond Belief, Part 2

Somehow, my first semester at Moody is drawing to a close.  By this time on Wednesday, I will be back in Michigan and done with my first term of studies here in Chicago.  I have been incredibly and abundantly blessed this semester.  I shared some of these blessings last week at this time, and now I’m going to share some more.

Culbertson 11:I could honestly go on and on about our brother floor… Moody does bro-sis floors to encourage community, especially amongst the freshman.  It would be really easy for me to be cynical about this particular tradition… but I have made some incredible friends from my brother floor (Culby 11).  As I type this, I am with a group of 5 of them (and 2 other girls from my floor) at Starbucks.  Earlier today I went to church with two of my brothers, and on Friday night about 6 of us hung out in the tunnels until 1 am.  We have shared our stories, laughed together, gone on adventures, drank coffee, studied together, and shared life here at Moody.  We eat at the same table in the SDR each day, and meal times are honestly a time I look forward to every day.  I’m so thankful for this group I’ve found here, and I pray that we’ll be able to continue fellowshipping together next year when our brother floor changes.

Chapel: We have required chapels on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week.  Because Moody is such an incredible school, we have been blessed to have some incredible speakers.  These include Clarence Shuler, Keith Ferrin, Jack Lousma, and many others.  Though it is occasionally difficult to stay awake in chapel (especially after a late night!), it’s usually a time of worship and refreshment for me, and an excellent way to start my day.  I’ve been challenged by a lot of the speakers and I always enjoy singing in worship with the rest of the Moody students.

My Classes! This should have been closer to the top of the list.  I’ve made it pretty clear that I love my social life and friends here at Moody, but let’s be honest: the classes are the real reason I’m here.  I have learned more in this semester than I did in all four years of high school, and all of it is practical knowledge about Scripture, doctrine, or life in Christ that I will use for the rest of my life.  My professors were all engaging, intelligent, well-spoken, and willing to help.  As I study for exams and reflect on how much I’ve learned this semester, I am absolutely astounded.

There are many, many more things I could talk about.  Specific friends, teachers, and classes have blessed me in hundreds of little ways.  The churches I have attended this semester have been incredible, and I am prayerfully sure that I’ve found the one I’m going to attend for the next four years.  I could go on forever and ever, but right now, I need to memorize some Old Testament key words and about 100 dates and study my Church and Its Doctrines key verses.  Pray for me.


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