I was going to attempt to post about this past weekend, but I’m tired and loopy and my good friend Grace already summed it up better than I could.  God’s faithfulness was evident all throughout this weekend, and we are so thankful that our brother is okay.

Orchestrated Friendships– by Grace Rakow
Rebekah Wells gazed out the window of her hall’s lounge. Cars moved, people walked, wind blowed, yet she did not really see any of it. All she could do was reflect on the past twenty-four hours.

Her main group of friends had stayed up really late the previous night, having a “middle-school sleepover.” It was really fun for all. Great conversation took place, as well as a lot of silliness. At one point during the night, they had written some cards for a few of their “brothers,” just telling them how much they appreciated them. All of those brothers were very dear to them, since the young men really did show God’s love and care through all that they did. They planned to staple the notes to little bags of homemade cookies and put into their mail boxes.

It had been so fun the next morning when they got to see a couple of the guys right after they found the gifts in their boxes. Faces were just so bright, excited, and thankful. The added lateness to their night had been worth that reaction.

Afterward, they had gotten to go to a coffee shop before studying at a park for the afternoon. One brother had come along, and Rebekah really felt as though they were even closer to him after the talks that took place while they “studied.”

That same brother took Rebekah on a run and then read all of them a “bedtime story” in a hilarious British accent, although the group of brothers and sisters that were there ended up just going to watch a movie in the viewing room at the library afterwards, instead of sleeping like they had planned.

All in all, it was a day of fun and bonding, and the girls were so thankful for the gift of the brothers that God had blessed them with. Each was such a gentleman and truly cared about their safety.

Yet, after the girls had finally gotten back upstairs, they got a text message informing them that the same brother that had been with them all day had “cracked his head open” after falling in a hallway in their dorm buildings.

All the girls rushed out and met some of the other brothers in the plaza to pray for the one who was hurt and his family. That time of prayer and concern, just lifting up one of their beloved friends to the Lord, seemed to cement the bonds that had been slowing interweaving together. After receiving some more information that made them realize that it looked like the brother would be fine, Rebekah and the other girls went up to a room and sat together talking, praying, and realizing just how much they had grown to love all of their friends in the short three months they had been at college.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, they found out that he should be fine. He would be in the hospital overnight, and then he would be back on campus. He still didn’t remember certain parts of the night and repeated different phrases, but he was doing so much better. All the girls were so relieved, although in their hearts, they still just wanted to see him to make sure that he was okay.

The following day, Rebekah and three of the other girls rushed back to campus after church. They had heard that the brother was back and was going down to lunch for a little bit. All they could do was thank God and wait in expectation for the time that they could give him a hug and know that he was okay.

And they did and he was.

Rebekah could only praise God now. He had protected their brother, keeping him safe in the shadow of His wings. And she had known He had His hand over her brother the whole time. The peace she had could only come from God. Praise the Lord: He had brought their dear friend back to them.

Thank You, Lord, for the amazing gift of friendship that you have blessed us with. You know that all of us girls really do love our “brothers” so much. Thank You for orchestrating friendships. Thanks for Your protection and guidance. Thank You for all that You are! You are so good, God! I praise You and thank You!


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