Moody- Orientation Week

“Hi, I’m Alyssa.  I’m a freshman from Michigan and I’m a TESOL major.”  <– This is what most of my orientation week consisted of.  Orientation was a whirlwind of moving in, introducing myself, meetings, sessions, SDR food, and not much sleep.  Here are a few highlights from the week.


The view from Houghton roof... absolutely incredible!

My wonderful roomie and myself on the roof!

Sand castle building contest at our first Bro-Sis outing. Culby 11 + Houghton 5 forever!

A very few of our facebook group members met up in real life!

Awesome Alyssa & Awesome Angela's Urban Adventure Part 1

Classic Sloth picture, Moody Arch style.








One thought on “Moody- Orientation Week

  1. Mary Hobson says:

    Papa & I looked at your pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. It looks as if you are taking time to enjoy yourself & have some fun. We’re looking forward to Bo’s game tomorrow evening & hope to spend some time with him. We love you & are praying for you.

    Love, Nana

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