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Moody- Orientation Week

“Hi, I’m Alyssa.  I’m a freshman from Michigan and I’m a TESOL major.”  <– This is what most of my orientation week consisted of.  Orientation was a whirlwind of moving in, introducing myself, meetings, sessions, SDR food, and not much sleep.  Here are a few highlights from the week.


The view from Houghton roof... absolutely incredible!

My wonderful roomie and myself on the roof!

Sand castle building contest at our first Bro-Sis outing. Culby 11 + Houghton 5 forever!

A very few of our facebook group members met up in real life!

Awesome Alyssa & Awesome Angela's Urban Adventure Part 1

Classic Sloth picture, Moody Arch style.








It seems my life of late has been filled with transitions.  We left our home church back in the spring- Transition One.  I graduated from high school- Transition Two- then flew to Pucallpa, Peru, to spend two weeks there alone-Transition Three- before our missions team came- Transition Four.  We left altogether too soon, and I headed to Crossroads Farm- Transition Five.  My internship at Crossroads ended after the shortest month of my life and I headed to vacation- Transition Six.  After 2 short weeks, I moved away from home, away from my parents, and into a room with a total stranger at Moody Bible Institute- Transitions Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten.

In the midst of these transitions, I haven’t had much time to breathe–let alone write.  I had grand visions of writing emotional recap posts about Peru, of sharing stories from Crossroads, posting photos from Punta Cana.  Maybe those things will happen… over Christmas break.  For now, though, I will ATTEMPT to post semi-regular updates about my college life.  It will be a welcome study break, I’m sure.