“You’re going home soon,” they say, or “I can’t wait until you’re home!”

What is this home they speak of? Home is where I’ve been for the last month. Home is where I sweat profusely, then take an ice cold shower. Home is where Pedro and I converse in our carefully-calculated mix of Spanish and English. Home serves rice with every meal.

When I’m at home, I get from Point A to Point B in the back of a motorcar, feeling the breeze in my hair and the grit of sand in my teeth. My feet turn an unnatural shade of brown at home. Home is where I take afternoon naps in the hammock.

At home, I speak another language. I sing, loudly, in front of people. I’m almost always touching or being touched- an arm around shoulders, a hand on a knee, head leaned together. Greetings and goodbyes without a hug and kiss are considered rude at home.

These descriptions of pristine paved roads, airconditioned houses, and department stores have become foreign to my brain.  At home, we stay in if it rains.  Our airconditioning consists of waking up at 4 am, just to feel that one cold moment.  We buy our meat in the meat store, our toilet paper in the toilet paper store, and our fruit at the fruit store.

“You’ll be home soon!” they say, but they’re wrong.  I am home.


2 thoughts on “Home?

  1. Marilyn Cuthbert says:

    Wow!!! Getting ready to walk out the door and head for Africa!!!! Life is certainly an adventure! Your time sounds amazing. Glad you got to spend a few weeks at home! Love you so much!

  2. Mary Hobson says:

    It was wonderful to get to talk with you two this evening and to see you. You sound as if you are having a wonderful experience, but do look a little weary. We pray for your health and safety daily and that the Lord will give you the opportunity to be a blessing to those whom you bump shoulders with.

    Bo has really enjoyed wearing the long sleeve shirt that was in question tonight. It does look nice on him, but needs washing. I hope the rain stops long enough for it to dry when I get it washed.

    Please recover quickly from your fever & sore throat, Ellen. It is miserable to travel & be sick at the same time.
    Besides, we don’t want you to bring germs home with you. 🙂

    When we got to arrived at Gun Lake from FL., Kendra was quick to tell me how all of them had been sick & when she described it to me, it sounded as if it was the same as what I had. Fortunately, Papa didn’t get it.


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