A Portrait of a Typical Night in our House

It’s 5:30 and the sun is setting while Mama Rosy and Karen work on dinner.  I walk upstairs to go to the bathroom and Mama Rosy says “hijita, quieres ayudarme lavar la carne?” (little daughter, want to help me wash the meat?).  Convinced my translation skills are lagging again, I ask her to show me.  Sure enough, she begins to wash the meat in the sink. Okay.

Pedro comes upstairs to find me and gets roped into blending the marinade for tomorrow’s lunch.  I’m washing the meat and listening to Pedro periodically sing “I wanna rock!” when I feel something splash on my leg.  Looking over, I see that Pedro has forgotten to put the lid on the blender.  He cracks up and I duck my head to hide my laughter as Mama Rosy tells him “This is not a joke! This is not funny!” (While trying to hide her own laughter.)  Pedro wipes off my leg, the floor, and the wall, and dinner preparation continues.

We finish our tasks and Pedro and I go out on the porch to bring in the dry clothes.  As with most daily activities, this demands a brief language lesson.  He tells me the Spanish verbs for “to take down” and “to fold,” then repeats “teik dowhn? teik… take down?” “fohd? folth? fold?” as we fold the sheets and towels.

Because all our work is done, Pedro and I sit down to watch music videos on youtube and talk about music.  Karen comes over, listens for a while, declares “I no like,” and walks away.  I journal during the many slow-internet-induced breaks in the songs.

Finally Mama Rosy calls us to dinner (by now it’s about 7:30).  It’s a good thing I like rice, chicken, and plantains, I think, as we eat a meal comprised of those three things for the 6th night in a row.  We watch the Peruvian version of American Idol while we eat- complete with scantily clad dancers and awful singers.  After dinner, I Skype with my parents, drink some chocolate milk, watch some more music videos with Pedro, and read a few blogs.  Around 9:30, everyone starts getting ready for bed, and after yelling “buenos noches!” and kisses goodnight on everyone’s cheeks, we’re in our separate rooms by 10.


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