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Prayer List Time

I’m typing this from the Miami airport after waking up at 4 am.  I board my flight to Lima in about an hour, sleep for a few hours, then get up at 3:30 to go back to the airport to fly to Pucallpa! I have no doubt that (even though I could not be LESS of a morning person) I will be eager to leave in the morning.  Pucallpa, here I come! 🙂

Things to Pray For:

  • Safety- to Lima, in Lima, and to Pucallpa (as well as in Pucallpa!)
  • Health- The average temperature while I’m in Pucallpa is 88 degrees, with humidity around 70% during the day and up to 97% at night.  Add to the heat exhaustion the lack of clean tap water, the fact that I have to be careful which foods I eat (some restaurants don’t prepare their foods quite as, um, cleanly, as others), and tiredness from travel- it’s very easy to end up sick.
  • Patience- When we’ve been in Pucallpa as a team, our motto is always “hang loose.”  Often we don’t know what we’ll be doing when, and it can become very trying.
  • Confidence- I’m leaving home, all my family, all my friends, and going to a foreign country.  While I have studied Spanish for several years, I am far from fluent.  Please pray for me to have confidence- both in speaking, and in navigating life in Pucallpa without the comfort of my team.
  • Rosa- Rosa is the woman picking me up in Lima.  Please pray that I will be able to find her promptly upon arriving, and that I won’t have any problems communicating.
Thank you all for praying, reading, thinking, etc.  As i sit here in the haze that can only come about after abbreviated rests punctuated by flying and reeeeeaaaallyyyy long layovers, I am so, so, SO thankful for both the support system I’m leaving in the States, as well as the one I’m meeting in Peru.
Con amor en Cristo,

Be Calm.

Amongst those who know me well, the fact that I’m a more than a little afraid to spend a night in Lima alone is no secret.  Though I’m confident in Spanish, I’m far from fluent.  The “what-if’s” flood my mind. What if Rosa isn’t there to pick me up at the airport? What if my flight is delayed? What if the people I’m staying with don’t speak a word of English? What if I want my mommy?  As I pack and prepare, these words from the song “Be Calm” by fun. have been stuck in my head:

All the tree tops turning red
The beggars near bodegas grin at me
I think they want something
I close my eyes, I tell myself to breathe
and be calm.
Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
Oh I know that it gets so hard sometimes.
Be calm.

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Four Days!

Four days from now, at this time, I will be sleeping in the house of Rosa’s sister. I’ll be in Lima, without my family, without my friends, without internet, without my phone. I’ll be in a strange bed in an unfamiliar house, but I’ll be happy. I’ll be almost home.

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